Playing Online Poker: Tips for Avoiding Tilt

Poker is first and foremost, a form of gambling. And as with all other types of gambling, everyone gets beaten out sometimes, even if you play at the best microgaming casinos and all odds are in your favour. The key to making money in online poker is not letting your losses get the better of you, after all, even the greatest poker players have losing streaks.

When you start losing at poker, don’t freak out! Letting your emotions play for you is the easiest way to go broke. If you’re starting to feel the effects of Tilt, remember to keep your cool! Everyone is dealt a bad hand sometimes, but the sooner you can get over your losses the sooner you can return to playing with your head instead of your heart. Check out our list of tips for avoiding Tilt, and see if they come in handy next time you’re facing a bad beat.

  1. Take a Break

Nothing cools you down quicker than a break from the action! Take five and head back to the table when your head is in the right place.

  1. Don’t be Afraid to Fold

Though you may be jeered at, there is absolutely not shaming in folding a few rounds if you don’t want to sit out of the action entirely.

  1. Change Locations

One of the best reasons to play poker online is that you can do it wherever, whenever. Chase your dog outside and play in the back yard for a change of scenery.

Learning to separate emotions from gaming is an important step for any new online gamer. Poker players are especially prone to experiencing Tilt from the stresses of losing, and once a player is playing with their emotions instead of their head, it’s only a matter of time till they have to stop playing all together. Keep your cool with the second half of our tips to avoiding Tilt in poker.

  1. Change Tables

It’s easy to drop out of a game of online poker and simply switch to another table. While it is frowned upon to leave games before they reach their conclusion, there is nothing stopping you from pulling a switcheroo if things get too bad. You can also looking at playing a different game altogether for a while.

  1. Change Your Perspective

The biggest reason poker players start acting erratic is because they lose sight of what poker is all about. Everyone loses, sometimes they lose big, but with enough practice, knowing when to place the right bets can minimize your losses.

  1. Don’t Hold Grudges

While it may seem like a player is too lucky or even cheating, it’s important to remember not to hold a grudge. Grudges will affect your ability to play rationally and lead you to choose tactics that may ultimately cause you to play into your opponent’s hand

  1. Use Tilt to Your Advantage

Some players are just more prone to emotional outbursts during high stakes poker games. If you know you’re up against a player who is known to play irrationally under stress, nothing is stopping you from using that knowledge against them.

If these tips aren’t enough for you yet, check out this forum post for more!

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